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Learning About Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment and Research

Lip Fillers Can Give You The Plump Lips You've Always Wanted

by Carla Hudson

If you've always had thin lips, you may be unhappy with the way you look. If so, talk to a dermatologist about getting lip fillers. The procedure is easy to undergo, and the injections add volume to your lips and define their shape. Here's what to expect when you have dermal fillers injected into your lips.

Discuss The Look You Want

You can get dermal injections at a dermatologist's office or med spa. The doctor will check your medical history and ask you about what you want to achieve from the injections. You might want only slightly plumper lips your first time, or you may want full lips. The doctor can help you decide on the best look for your facial features.

Numb Your Lips

The doctor will probably apply a topical anesthetic to your lips so you have no discomfort with the injections. It takes several minutes for the anesthetic to make your lips numb, so that adds to the length of your appointment. When your lips are ready, the injections begin. You won't feel pain from the needle, but you may feel other sensations.

Inject The Lip Filler

You'll need several injections to plump up your lips. The injections are spaced apart so your lips plump up evenly. Only a small amount of filler is needed and isn't injected very deep. Your doctor may have an ice pack handy to apply periodically as you're injected to reduce the risk of bruising and swelling.

Once the injections are all in, the doctor may give your lips a massage to help the fillers settle. You might need to leave the ice pack on for a few minutes too. Your doctor may want you to stay in the office for several minutes to make sure you're recovering well, and then you can drive yourself home. However, you may need to avoid exercising, touching your lips, and wearing lipstick for a day or two.

Wait For The Results

You'll notice results from lip fillers right away, but it will take several days for the complete results to be seen since swelling takes a while to go away completely. If you want fuller lips for a certain occasion, it's a good idea to get the injections a couple of weeks in advance so all traces of swelling and bruising will be healed and you can enjoy your plump, attractive lips.

The fillers can give you the plump look you've always wanted, but you'll need to have the injections repeated when the look starts to fade so you can maintain your plump lips. 

For more information about fillers, contact a local professional.