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Learning About Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment and Research

Six Pieces Of Misinformation Out There About HIV Prep Treatment

by Carla Hudson

Undergoing PrEP treatment is important for those who may be at risk of exposure to HIV. However, being properly informed about PrEP treatment is essential for taking full advantage of the effectiveness of this type of treatment.

Unfortunately, some individuals are misinformed about this method of HIV prevention. The following are six pieces of misinformation out there about HIV PrEP treatment. 

Those who are on PrEP don't need to worry about using condoms

It's essential for those who undergo PrEP treatment to continue using condoms. Although PrEP may protect patients from HIV, this treatment will not protect patients from any other sexually transmitted diseases. That's why it's essential for PrEP patients to continue to practice safe sex. 

It's ok to skip a day here and there when on PrEP treatment

For maximum effectiveness, it's important to take PrEP every day. Skipping a day could reduce the effectiveness that PrEP treatment has in protecting patients against HIV infection. 

PrEP treatment is only taken by homosexual men

Although PrEP treatment is often associated with use by homosexual male patients, other individuals can benefit from PrEP treatment.

PrEP treatment is effective at fighting HIV infection not only in homosexual men, but also in heterosexual individuals who are concerned about their potential for HIV exposure. 

It's very costly to fill a PrEP prescription

Nowadays, there is a generic form of PrEP medication available that has significantly reduced the costs of this type of HIV prevention treatment.

Another thing that has brought down the cost of PrEP for many consumers in recent years is the fact that many insurance providers are now required by law to cover PrEP treatment.  

PrEP treatment is only for individuals who have sex with multiple partners

A lot of individuals want to go on PrEP because they have multiple sexual partners and therefore consider themselves at risk of HIV exposure. However, this is not the only scenario where an individual may need to undergo PrEP treatment.

Patients who are in a monogamous relationship but whose partner is infected with HIV should also go on PrEP to protect themselves from HIV.

PrEP prevents HIV infection after exposure

It's important for patients to realize that PrEP is not meant to protect patients from HIV infection after exposure. PrEP is a treatment that is designed to prevent infection before exposure.

Patients who have already been exposed to HIV and wish to prevent an infection may be able to protect themselves using another type of treatment known as post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

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