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Welcome to my site, my name is Jess Indaja. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after struggling with my weight throughout my teen years and adulthood. My doctor informed me about all of the dangers associated with my diet and exercise habits. I was encouraged to change the way I ate and moved in an effort to reverse my blood sugar problem. I made the changes, but still struggle with controlling my blood sugar. After going through this trying situation, I decided to make a site that may help others with problems associated with type 2 diabetes. I will discuss diagnostic procedures, treatments and medical research concerning this disease. I hope you visit often and learn all you can to control your type 2 diabetes or help others with this condition.

Learning About Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment and Research

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Acupuncture Treatments

by Carla Hudson

Acupuncture, which is a time-honored practice that has been utilized by individuals with a variety of ailments and issues, involves the use of very thin needles that are placed in strategic spots on your body. For example, if you have neck pain, acupuncture can help relieve some pain and pressure by increasing blood flow to the area. If you are scheduled for your first acupuncture appointment, here are a few things you can do to get the most out of the experience.

Preparing For Your First Acupuncture Treatment

Your acupuncturist will provide you with tips and tricks to get the most out of this first experience. Avoid stimulants, such as coffee or other types of caffeine, prior to the appointment, as these can counteract the restorative effects of acupuncture. Eat a light snack and dress in comfortable clothing that can easily be removed to allow your acupuncturist to access different parts of your body.

Avoid wearing jewelry, particularly watches and bracelets. During your session, your acupuncturist will check your pulse throughout your session. The acupuncturist will also use a technique you are probably not familiar with to diagnose you: checking the texture and color of your tongue. This is a traditional technique in Eastern medicine, so your acupuncturist might ask you to not clean your tongue prior to your appointment.

Relax During Your Acupuncture Appointment

When you arrive at your appointment, your practitioner will ask you to fill out forms about your medical history. Be honest and thorough, as this will allow the practitioner to diagnose you and provide you with the best service. If you are nervous about needles, tell your practitioner and they can guide you through the process.

It is critical to relax, breathe, and remain calm during the appointment. This will allow the acupuncturist to insert the needles in the proper location and allow you to truly enjoy the healing effects of the acupuncture.

Focusing on Healing and Relaxation After the Appointment

Finally, once the appointment is over, your acupuncturist will tell you to relax and enjoy your afternoon. If possible, do not go back to work or participate in any vigorous activities, such as exercising. Each person responds to acupuncture differently and you might feel a little worn down after your appointment. If this occurs, let your acupuncturist know and your practitioner can adjust the needles and placement during your next treatment.

From eating a light snack to remembering to relax during and after your appointment, there are several things you can do to get the most out of your first acupuncture appointment. Contact a health service that provides things like acupuncture for neck pain for more information.