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Welcome to my site, my name is Jess Indaja. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after struggling with my weight throughout my teen years and adulthood. My doctor informed me about all of the dangers associated with my diet and exercise habits. I was encouraged to change the way I ate and moved in an effort to reverse my blood sugar problem. I made the changes, but still struggle with controlling my blood sugar. After going through this trying situation, I decided to make a site that may help others with problems associated with type 2 diabetes. I will discuss diagnostic procedures, treatments and medical research concerning this disease. I hope you visit often and learn all you can to control your type 2 diabetes or help others with this condition.

Learning About Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment and Research

It Is Worth Paying For A Gym Membership

by Carla Hudson

There are plenty of ways to work out for free. You can jog around your neighborhood, ride your bike down a local path, or play table tennis in your basement. With all of these options, it might initially sound silly to pay for a gym membership. But if you are someone who takes fitness and health seriously, that gym membership is almost certainly worth it. Here's why.

1. If you're paying, you're more likely to go.

Sure you can walk around the block or jog at the park for free, but do you? Many people have trouble sticking to their fitness goals when those goals center around free workout options. There's something about paying for a gym membership that really prompts you to go and workout. You won't want to be stuck paying for something you don't use. Whenever you see that charge on your account, you will be more motivated to go make use of the space you're paying to use!

2. The other people in the gym will keep you motivated.

When you are working out alone, it can be too tempting to quit or make it easier than planned. All of the people in the gym will keep you motivated to keep going. You won't want to quit halfway through your 2-mile treadmill run because you won't want the people next to you to see it! It's worth paying a small membership fee each month if it means you meet your workout goals, and therefore your fitness goals.

3. You'll get more variety in your workouts.

At the average gym, you have access to weight machines, treadmills, stair steppers, and tons of other workout equipment. It's so much easier to change up your workout than if you were to just rely on free options. Changing up your workout will yield better results. Plus, you will have an easier time staying motivated when you have different options.

4. You'll have access to classes.

At most gyms, if you pay for a membership, you will also have access to various workout classes. You can take a yoga class or a spin class, for example. Not only do these classes keep you motivated, but they can teach you something.

Paying for a gym membership is not at all silly. While there are free workout options, paying a bit more for a gym membership usually leads to better results for the reasons explained above.