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Learning About Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment and Research

Four Healthcare Professionals Bodybuilders May Benefit From

by Carla Hudson

Bodybuilders have unique nutritional and medical needs. As a result, it's important they regularly consult healthcare professionals to ensure they are consuming the optimum foods and supplements as well as training with correct form and not inadvertently putting their body at risk of injury or disease. Here are four types of health care professionals bodybuilders should develop a working relationship with.

Sports Medicine Physician

A sports medicine doctor specializes in treating injuries that occur during participation in sports, recreational activities, and exercise programs. They have a unique understanding of the needs of their patients who are involved in these types of activities and the injuries that can result.

They typically work closely with physical therapists. A physical therapist is a healthcare professional whose primary focus is rehabilitating patients who have limited mobility from injuries or medical events such as strokes. A physical therapist also uses massage in addition to prescribed exercises that aid in increasing the range-of-motion after an injury.


Chiropractors work under the belief that ensuring the spine is in alignment can prevent and cure many problems in the human body. The spinal cord is rich with nerves that control many aspects of the body, from urinary tract control to how the body moves.

A chiropractor uses spinal manipulation techniques to provide relief from chronic conditions, such as persistent back pain, as well as acute conditions, such as a sports-related muscle strain injury.

Chiropractors often use deep tissue massage techniques as well. Deep tissue massage increases blood flow to the area being worked on. Increased blood flow typically accelerates the speed of healing in injuries.

When the body is able to heal injuries quicker, the patient will need less medication and will experience less complications, such as infection. Additionally, invasive treatments like surgery can be avoided.

Occupational Therapist

Physical therapists place their primary focus on a patient's ability to move and how the human body moves, particularly after an injury or illness. An occupational therapist focuses more on ensuring a patient can perform the basic activities of daily living.

This includes things like dressing one's self, eating, performing household tasks, and working. Unlike physical therapists that typically only work with people after an injury, occupational therapists often work with people who want to prevent injuries. An occupational therapist can teach people how to use their body more efficiently.


A bodybuilder's nutritional needs are more complex than the average person. In addition to help designing the right diet, a nutritionist can also recommend supplements that will help the bodybuilder accomplish their goals.

In addition to these four healthcare professionals, the internet now makes it easier to consult an online bodybuilding medical consultant. These professionals are typically doctors who are very familiar with the healthcare needs of bodybuilders and provide the added convenience of online consultation. Visit websites like bodybuildermd.com to learn more.