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Welcome to my site, my name is Jess Indaja. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after struggling with my weight throughout my teen years and adulthood. My doctor informed me about all of the dangers associated with my diet and exercise habits. I was encouraged to change the way I ate and moved in an effort to reverse my blood sugar problem. I made the changes, but still struggle with controlling my blood sugar. After going through this trying situation, I decided to make a site that may help others with problems associated with type 2 diabetes. I will discuss diagnostic procedures, treatments and medical research concerning this disease. I hope you visit often and learn all you can to control your type 2 diabetes or help others with this condition.

Learning About Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment and Research

Some Things You Need To Know About Losing Weight

by Carla Hudson

It can be very frustrating trying to lose weight without any luck. There are some people who seem to be able to get results just like they want with diet and exercise, and there are others who do all the right things and still have a hard time losing the weight. There are so many factors that go into losing weight, which is why it is important that you understand more about the body and what your options are when it comes to weight loss. Here are some things to know.

Are There Medical Factors That Effect How You Lose Weight?

There are so many different medical conditions that can affect your ability to easily lose weight. If everything in your body is healthy and functioning properly, then diet and exercise should be enough. But if not, then in some cases, no matter what you do, you won't be able to lose the weight. For instance, your thyroid plays a major role in your weight loss. If your thyroid isn't functioning right, then it will hold onto the weight. You may crave foods even when you aren't hungry, feel like you need to eat when you don't, and so much more. Additionally, your body will hold onto the calories from fat, because the thyroid is not good at regulating how much calories you really need. Thyroid conditions are just one condition that can affect weight loss; there are also other autoimmune diseases that can affect it, as well as other hormonal disorders. This is why you should talk to a doctor about getting blood work done if you have been trying to lose weight and are having a hard time.

What Can You Do To Lose Resistant Weight?

There are a couple different things you can do to lose the resistant weight. First of all, you can get help from a program to help you reach your fitness goals. For instance, there are programs where you go in to a personal trainer every day to exercise in a way that is right for your body, and they will help you every step of the way. Additionally, they will help you be accountable for the food that you eat. They might even put you on a program where the food is delivered to your house and that is all you eat. If that doesn't work for you, there are always medical options such as surgery. This is something that should be considered only if you believe that you can maintain the surgery with lifestyle changes. 

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