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Learning About Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment and Research

4 FAQs Regarding Immigration Medical Examinations

by Carla Hudson

If you know someone who is emigrating to the US, they will need to undergo an immigration medical exam. This can seem overwhelming, but it is quite standard. Check out these four FAQS regarding immigration medical exams.

What Do They Test?

For anyone who wants to immigrate to the US, the test looks specifically for highly communicable diseases, such as tuberculosis. For adults, however, the test also looks for some STDs and other diseases more common on adults. If you or your children have not received any immunizations that are required in the US, such as chickenpox and measles, you will need to have your immunizations updated prior to entering.

What Diseases Lead to Immediate Failure?

While they are looking for many diseases, they are more concerned with highly contagious diseases. Certain diseases lead to an immediate failure of the medical exam. These include tuberculosis, syphilis, leprosy and many others. If the individual is found to have one of these disease, treatment is usually offered but only when possible. Only after treatment is offered and successful will the individual be allowed to retake the examination.

What About Vaccination Series?

Some vaccines require a series of shots at certain times or else you aren't completely immune. Typically, however, the entire series isn't required to pass the immigration medical exam. For example, hepatitis B usually requires three to four shots over a six month period. Luckily, the immigration exam only requires you begin the series by getting the first shot. They will, however, advise you to complete the series on your own in the future to protect yourself and others fully.

What Should You Bring With You?

There are some items you'll want to bring with you. For starters, if you don't speak English, it's a good idea to bring someone with you who can translate, especially if they are a medical interpreter who understands medical jargon. Documents you'll need include: Federal ID, Medical records for major problems, immunization records and alien registration number. Ensuring you have all the necessary items with you the first time makes the process smoother and faster.

The immigration medical examination is designed to protect those entering the US and those who live within the US already by stopping the spread of communicable diseases. If you would like more information regarding what you'll need for your exam or what to expect during your exam, contact an immigration office today.