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Learning About Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment and Research

Spina Bifida Occulta May Exist In Children Without Parents Realizing It

by Carla Hudson

Spina bifida occulta is a disease that affects a child's spinal cord at birth. It can be a very serious problem, particularly the open variety. This version creates a large sac on a child's back that includes the dislocated spinal cord. However, spina bifida occulta is a milder version that does not create the same lump. As a result, it is easier to miss. Unfortunately, it can be just as serious as its sister condition.

It Can Be Tricky To Diagnose

Spina bifida occulta produces occasional visible symptoms on this skin, like a tuft of hair, a fat roll, or a small birthmark over the affected area. As a result, doctors often miss it. Unfortunately, many children often grow past infancy and into young childhood without realizing they suffer from it. In fact, they may go their whole life without knowing they have a problem.

That is why it is so important to get a child's back x-rayed by a pediatrician if they do have that tuft of hair, fat roll, or birthmark on their back. While it isn't as serious as the "open" variety, spina bifida occulta can degrade over time and affect a child's health permanently.

This Milder Problem Can Progress

While spina bifida occulta is a less severe version of this disease, that doesn't mean it can't be problematic. It is true that some children never develop serious problems as a result of this disease. However, as most people age with it they suffer from an increased level of pain and a worsening of the condition. This can lead to bladder and neurological problems that can be irreversible.

Catching spina bifida occulta early in a child's life is important because, during these early stages, it can be treated. Treatment is a difficult surgery that may be somewhat traumatic for a child and their parent. That said, it has to be done in problematic situations.

Treatment Is Possible

If this problem progresses or gets worse in a child, it is necessary to get treatment done as soon as possible. Further negative development of it can seriously affect a child's progress and end up causing them further pain and worsened physical development. Treatment is surgical and involves untethering the spinal cord from its position and re-positioning it so it will grow properly.

Obviously, this is a very serious operation that can only be managed by a skilled pediatrician and surgeon team. It should only be undertaken if the child's quality of life and physical health will be severely negatively impacted by further development.

Talking to a pediatrician about surgery and other treatment methods can be a difficult process for many parents. It is hard to admit a child has a serious problem and that they need tricky surgery. However, a skilled pediatrician can assuage a parent's concern and manage the problem successfully.