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Welcome to my site, my name is Jess Indaja. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after struggling with my weight throughout my teen years and adulthood. My doctor informed me about all of the dangers associated with my diet and exercise habits. I was encouraged to change the way I ate and moved in an effort to reverse my blood sugar problem. I made the changes, but still struggle with controlling my blood sugar. After going through this trying situation, I decided to make a site that may help others with problems associated with type 2 diabetes. I will discuss diagnostic procedures, treatments and medical research concerning this disease. I hope you visit often and learn all you can to control your type 2 diabetes or help others with this condition.

Learning About Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment and Research

Tips For Disguising Your Hearing Aids

by Carla Hudson

Wearing hearing aids can make a big difference in your life. However, you might be embarrassed about the idea of having visible hearing aids in your ears. There is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to wearing hearing aids, but if you want to disguise them, there are steps that you can take to do so. Then, you can wear your hearing aids with confidence and take advantage of help with your hearing without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious.

Choose the Right Style

First of all, you should talk to your hearing doctor about the least visible hearing aid that will work for your hearing issues. For example, some hearing aids fit in the canal of your ear and are barely visible at all. If your hearing loss is more severe, however, you may have to choose another option, such as a behind the ear hearing aid. If you can't go with a hearing aid that will "hide" within your ear canal, at least consider looking for a hearing aid that matches your skin color as closely as possible so that it can blend in a bit.

Style Your Hair

The way that you wear your hair can have an effect on how visible your hearing aid is. If you keep your hair very short or if you tend to pull it back, you'll make your hearing aid easier to see. Growing your hair out long and styling it so that it frames your face can make for a very flattering look that helps cover up the hearing aid. Even men who prefer short hair sometimes allow their hair to grow a little bit longer than usual so that it partially covers the ear, concealing the hearing aid a bit.

Avoid Calling Extra Attention with Your Jewelry

If you like wearing jewelry, you might like wearing big, bold earrings. However, earrings will call more attention to your ears, which can make people notice your hearing aids more. Instead, try wearing a big statement necklace and wearing simpler earrings. Then, people's eyes will be drawn to your statement necklace and not to your ears, so you won't have to worry about your hearing aids being as noticeable.

Again, there is nothing wrong with wearing hearing aids, and there is truly no reason to be embarrassed about it. However, if you feel self-conscious about the idea, you can always follow these tips so that they aren't quite as obvious.