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Learning About Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment and Research

3 Reasons To Seek Brain Therapy Vs. Brain Surgery When You Have Parkinson's Disease

by Carla Hudson

If you have Parkinson's disease, there is a chance that your physician has suggested the possibility of brain surgery in order to help with your shaking and uncontrollable movements. Even though a lot of Parkinson's patients have seen relief from this type of surgery, it's a big step to take. If you are unsure of the idea of having brain surgery done, you may want to consider the benefits of brain therapy instead. These are a few reasons why brain therapy can be a better choice than brain surgery.

1. There's Less Risk

Brain surgery is considered to be a major surgery, and it comes along with all of the risks that you have to worry about when having a major surgery done. If you are worried that you are not strong enough to undergo this type of surgery, or if you are simply nervous about the risk, brain therapy can be a far better option. This is because brain therapy is a relatively simple procedure in comparison to brain surgery.

2. Leave Your Options Open

Just because you do not want brain surgery now does not mean that you won't want it later. Alternatively, even if you like the idea of having brain surgery done now, you might regret it later on. By having therapy done instead, you won't have to worry about a non-reversible procedure. Instead, it allows you to enjoy relief from your symptoms and leaves you the opportunity to still consider brain surgery, in case it's something that you might be interested in in the future. It can also help prevent you from rushing into a surgery that you might later regret.

3. Reduce Recovery Time

Even with Parkinson's disease, you might be a busy person who always has things to do. If so, you might not want to deal with the recovery time that can go along with major brain surgery. If you opt for simple brain therapy treatments instead, you can be in and out of the doctor's office without worrying about a long surgery recovery time. This can help you maintain your happy, active lifestyle.

As you can see, brain therapy can be a good alternative to brain surgery when you have Parkinson's disease. If you are interested in therapy that will help with your shaking and other symptoms and want to enjoy these three benefits, now is the time to look into these treatments, such as from Brain Science Center. Then, you'll have more time to think about whether or not brain surgery is right for you.