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Learning About Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment and Research

Things To Be Aware Of When Using An At-Home STD Testing Kit

by Carla Hudson

Those who seek the peace of mind of knowing that they're free from STDs may come across information on home testing kits when researching their options. Home STD testing kits are available that can allow individuals to test for certain sexually transmitted diseases with complete confidentiality and privacy. 

Most people aren't crazy about the idea of discussing the possibility that they've contracted a STD face-to-face with a stranger at a clinic. However, it's important to be aware of the following before relying entirely on the results given by a home STD testing kit:

Taking your own sample

Usually, a home STD testing kit will work by analyzing a urine sample or a swab taken from the mouth or genital area. Some home tests will require numerous samples, and some will require that the sample be sent away to a laboratory for analysis.

Those who opt for a home test must be comfortable with taking their own sample. They also might need to be patient and wait for laboratory results to come back rather than getting immediate results. 

Increased likelihood of false positive readings

While home STD tests are becoming increasingly popular, they are less accurate than STD testing at a clinic. Home tests are more likely to bring back false positive results, and this can cause an enormous amount of unnecessary stress.

The results given by home test kits are never absolutely certain and really need to be verified by a doctor or clinic. 

Limited testing capabilities

Sometimes home STD testing kits are very limited in terms of what diseases they can test for. They typically test for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV. However, tests carried out at a clinic are often able to test for a wider spectrum of conditions. 


At-home STD testing kits bought over the Internet or at a pharmacy can be expensive. Getting tested at an STD clinic is sometimes less expensive and often covered by medical insurance. You can shop around to find the cheapest option, but remember that you get what you pay for. A testing kit that can't guarantee a fairly high rate of accuracy is a waste of money. 

Evaluating different test kits

If you decide to use a home test kit, you should do some research on various regulations and standards that indicate reliable STD testing. The testing kit that you use should be approved by the FDA. Do some research on the company that manufactures the testing kit you use to make sure that company has an established reputation of reliability and expertise.