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Learning About Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment and Research

Have Varicose Veins But Scared Of Major Surgery? You Don't Have To Keep Suffering!

by Carla Hudson

You've probably heard of invasive surgery as a solution to varicose veins before, but don't worry: it isn't the only treatment available by a long shot. If you'd prefer to stick with low-impact and outpatient treatment options, you'll find you still have quite a variety to choose from.

Pretreatment Options

For minor cases of varicose veins, successful pretreatment may mean you don't have to undergo any actual surgical procedures to fix the problem.

Varicose veins are one of many conditions which can be improved with better self care. Exercising regularly can help strengthen the muscles around your veins and ensure proper blood flow to your leg. Eating a balanced diet is also just as important to your vein health as it is to your health overall. Aside from when you exercise, try to avoid standing or sitting for hours on end. If you sit when you work, for example, break up every two hours of sitting with a 10 minute walking session to encourage leg health.

Being overweight can worsen varicose veins and put an undue strain on your legs. If you are overweight, your condition may improve with weight loss, as may your general health. If you are significantly overweight or you have trouble losing weight, consider asking your doctor for help or consulting a nutritionist.

In addition to living a healthy lifestyle, you can also use compression stockings to provide reliefs in minor cases. Without enough pressure, blood in the legs can remain in the veins for too long, so compression stockings help keep things moving at a steady pace to avoid pain and clotting. Compression stockings are especially useful if long hours of only sitting or standing are unavoidable for you.

Closing Off And Fading The Veins

If your varicose veins cannot be treated with low-impact pretreatment options, it may be time to consider some of the less invasive outpatient surgical treatments available. In each of these quick treatments, the problem veins are destroyed inside the leg, which causes them to fade away and leave healthy blood vessels in their place.

Catheter procedures are suitable for problems with large varicose veins. A small catheter is inserted into the vein and heated, then removed. The process takes only a matter of minutes to destroy the vein completely. Depending on the size of the vein treated, it may take up to eight weeks to fully re-absorb into the leg again.

Sclerotherapy is an injection treatment ideal for medium and small varicose veins. Using a special foam mixture, the walls of the problematic blood vessels are sealed together, blocking the vein off from the blood supply.

Laser treatments are another popular solution for varicose veins, using quick bursts of intense light to collapse the vein. You may feel momentary discomfort while the laser is on, but it should pass quickly once the treatment is complete.

Treating your varicose veins doesn't have to be a painful or drawn out process. Depending on the severity of your condition, it's possible you could have them dealt with in a single quick doctor's visit. If you haven't considered having your varicose veins healed, talk to your doctor about your options. You may be suffering needlessly. (For more information, contact Alaska Vein Care)