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Welcome to my site, my name is Jess Indaja. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after struggling with my weight throughout my teen years and adulthood. My doctor informed me about all of the dangers associated with my diet and exercise habits. I was encouraged to change the way I ate and moved in an effort to reverse my blood sugar problem. I made the changes, but still struggle with controlling my blood sugar. After going through this trying situation, I decided to make a site that may help others with problems associated with type 2 diabetes. I will discuss diagnostic procedures, treatments and medical research concerning this disease. I hope you visit often and learn all you can to control your type 2 diabetes or help others with this condition.

Learning About Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment and Research

The Advantages Of Technology On Your Health

by Carla Hudson

Every day people are diagnosed with illnesses and diseases. While many doctors remain steadfast in treating symptoms their patients are experiencing, the primary concern is actually treating the illness. In order to do this more effectively, doctors are relying more and more on technology to help improve their medical capabilities. As the healthcare industry becomes more technologically advanced, patients are getting a better overall experience when seeing a doctor.

Quicker Responses

One of the biggest advantages of increased technology in the healthcare industry is the faster response for test results. When seeing a medical professional to get a diagnosis for what the patient is going through, the faster the results come in, the quicker the patient can be treated. With tests like a CT scan, MRI, and X-rays, test results are happening quicker than ever, allowing patients to get treatment plans within the same day of seeing a doctor. This allows them to receive the medicine and care they need to heal quicker. 

More Effective Treatment Plans

Technology has also allowed medical professionals to provide a more accurate diagnoses. In past decades, doctors would use signs and symptoms of the patient to diagnose what the patient was suffering from. While this method was very effective, it was not always accurate. Some patients experience illnesses in different ways and can show symptoms that are unique to that person. Not everyone handles illnesses the same way, which can cause a misdiagnosis if doctors are not careful. By using technology, doctors have more evidence to help them come up with a diagnosis so they spend less time guessing. 

Higher Quality Care

When a patient enters a medical practice, they expect personalized attention from start to finish. With the increase in technology in the healthcare industry, the patient's experience has improved greatly. Technology has allowed medical staff to do more of the paperwork and testing in the background, so that they can work more with the patient. Decades earlier, medical offices were relying on writing out everything and keeping detailed, hard copy files. While this was not only unsafe should they get in the hands of the wrong person, it can become a unorganized nightmare. Now, there are programs that can help organize all the patient data and make it easier to transfer data about the patient from one medical office to another. This allows a patient to seek care from multiple offices without worrying about providing all their information over again. Talk to a professional like Omega Diagnostic Imaging PC for more information.